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How will my clothes turn out?

Clothes that have been wet cleaned have a softer look and feel (and a much better smell) than clothes that have been dry cleaned, and the process can even be used with fabrics such as wools, silks, rayon and linen that require special treatment. After wet cleaning, your garments are hand-pressed and beautifully finished by our experienced pressers.

How did wet cleaning start?

Technically, you could say people have been wet cleaning for as long as they’ve been wearing and washing their clothes. Professional wet cleaning technology was first developed in Germany in the early 1990s, and it was brought to the United States shortly after. Today, the wet cleaning process is used by thousands of natural dry cleaners across the country, and dozens of companies manufacture wet cleaning equipment and detergents. Thankfully, we decided to bring the process to you as your local green dry cleaners in Austin!

Is wet cleaning the same thing as green dry cleaning?

Green dry cleaning generally refers to all processes of cleaning dry clean only garments without the use of perc as a cleaning solvent.  Green cleaners dry cleaning methods include liquid CO2, liquid silicone, and wet cleaning. Processes that use liquid CO2 or liquid silicone are considered green dry cleaning methods because they are a more environmentally safe method of cleaning than the those that utilize perc.  Wet cleaning is widely considered the MOST green method for professionally cleaning clothes.  Of all the shades of green, wet cleaning is the brightest.

So, if you’re interested in giving eco-friendly dry cleaning in Austin a try and searching for “green cleaners near me”, contact EcoClean, today!